Purgatory @ The Clubhouse

  • The Clubhouse 1607 N. Vermont Ave LA, CA, 90004 United States

Character/Clowning From:
Zach Zucker

*Lottery Monologist Slot! Put your name in the bucket!*

Improv by:
Gays and Gals
(Alyse Michele, Chad Westbrook, Nicholas Waggonar, and Emma van Eijndhoven)

(Hannah Kornberg, Lawrence Givens, Ben Cassil, Carmen Molinari, Thayer Frechette, Geoff Kaufman, Fae Niyu)

Sing! Sing!
(Alex Catalano, Desiree Nash, Jen Sanders, Muriel Montgomery, Carmen Angelica, Camille Knox, Stephanie Bentley-Pollard, and Ruha Taslimi)

Come laugh till the darkness turns to mother fucking FIRE!