CAMP! @ The UCB Theatre

  • UCB Sunset 5419 W Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90027 United States

Can you believe it's December? Me neither! Start off your month with CAMP! @ The UCB Inner Sanctum and UCB Sunset. We've got a great show - it's free!!


EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER with educational Improv!!!!
By Tamar Stevens, Kale Hills and Haley Hepworth.

MICHAEL BUSCH as a hip standup comedian and definitely not an undercover cop Ryan Budziak !!!!

SMOKEWAGON with Music!!!!!
Drew DiFonzo Marks, Joseph Roberts, Erik Schuiten, Mike Price and Ross Lindstrom

And in the motherfucking BOAT OF TRUTH we haveJESSICA ALLEN EASON!!!!!