In this workshop we learn how to listen for the laughter by slowing down and unpacking every moment onstage. Often times we enter with such strong ideas that we forget about the most important thing in the room - the audience. We either go too fast without letting them join in or we do too much and scare them away. If you let them, they will tell you what to do. It’s all about sensitivity. 

As actors and comedians we have to be able to change in an instant. Because if they aren’t laughing, then you aren’t doing you job. Through Clown and Le Jeu (The Game) we focus on having fun being our most ridiculous and playful selves. We learn how to connect with the audience as well as when to back off a scene to let it breathe.


July 17th - ICC Theatre (Copenhagen)

July 21st - Rooted Moon Festival (Italy)

September 13th - Bergen (TBD)

September 15th - Oslo (TBD)

September 17th - Lilyhammer (TBD)

October 15th - Second City (Chicago)

October 20th-22nd - Toronto (TBD)

October 26th - The PIT (NY)

November Four Week Workshop - The Pack (LA)

December Four Week Workshop - The Pack (LA)